Short history of knitting

An Arab nomad hunter began a few thousand years ago, first having the idea of sing a few twigs and twisting over a thread to work a kind of fabric; It would try by the analogy of the jerseys fabrics with the last knots of the primitive traps that at that time were used to take animals. Someone, at the dawn of time, in Arabia wanted to try to mow a sheep, spin the fleece, and twist the yarn with the sticks. And it was the knitting. From Arabia, the nomads took it to Tibet and then across Asia. From Asia, with the Arabs, it went to Spain, from here in Italy and all over Europe; Beautiful legends circulate in this regard; Perhaps Penelope could easily make and break his job waiting Ulysses because it was knit; If it had been loom it would have been impossible to restore it in a short time. It seems that the Scottish sailors had the idea of aking their own historical sweaters only after seeing how time passed on the shipwrecks of the invincible Armada. Since then, knitting is snapping around the world as a rhyming, with its repetitions, its rights and reversals that seem to tell a tale; The take of yarn that takes shape and becomes what you want. 

The gallery of images only briefly tells the story and the paths.