pitti gallery

Research and experimentation, our collections exhibited at Pitti Immagine Filati.



Black and White Flowers

Knitwear emotions with technical details of working and modeling for the "Black & White Flowers" theme of Pitti Immagine.


Gothic is Back

The inspiration for the line of the collection starts with the Gothic painting of the Flemish masters, playing with only two shades of color: military green and blue avio dusty and dulls. Mock stitches and with stretch marks emerge on bark effects in a chiaroscuro transparency. Sculpture necks and small "spencer" handmade and "Mussolini point" emphasize the research on the verticality of the collection.


Total White

Absolute Total White, dazzling for the first twentieth-century mood with variations from "Journal des Dames set des modes" interpreted by knitting and crochet techniques.

 Merino woolen minidress draped in the rim as crown or finished with fur imitation details made with silk organza shapes and filet crochet modules. Fourreau in silk organza with French-style crocheted Liberty floral motifs. Celtic stitches of the Aran Islands for sumptuous huts that tell of mysterious love stories.


Mediterranean Tradition

Art, passion and love in the textile culture of women in the Mediterranean. Knit, crochet, embroidery interweaves in the Mediterranean Tradition collection as a tribute to generations of women who with fantastic hands and care have created with their kits an unrepeatable textile tradition.


Gallery_Romantic Sporty Life.jpg

Romantic Sporty Life

"Romantic Sporty Life" Collection is based on a concept of relaxed elegance and comfort. Natural blends with vegetable fibres such as linen, hemp and cotton with irregular and sandy aspects are interpreted through woven stitches like gauzes or mats and are the main players of this practical and sophisticated style, where details are taken from the world of sport. High-tech yarns are blended with natural fibres from a functional and relaxed look: matt and thin viscoses with crêpe and gummy handles, stretch cotton and viscose for absolute freedom and comfort, “track” tarns blended with Tactel® for unusual paperlike feels, for organdie, tulle and net stitches. Wool as a synonym of elegance, it is now EASY_CARE and crêpe for a new urban and romantic knitwear, realized with extremely light plissè works.

Gallery_Italian Summer.jpg

Italian Summer

The collection "Italian Summer" develops concepts of creativity in an atmosphere that reminds to the 80s. Warm, sunny colors, intense flashes of optical white and red pomegranate. Transparencies of nylon stitches worked with subtle gauges on flat knitting machines, or handmade workmanship for details of flowers and small foulard as top to tie around the breast.  The yarns declined pure linen with matte viscose and cottons with pure merino wool light and fine.

Gallery_Lady Like.jpg

Lady Like Collection

The Collection is inspired to knitwear luxury of the 40's. The mood is interpreted by thin and long silhouette in double overcoats and blazers, and light/ seethought fabrics for dancing dresses. Colors are basic and essential: black, biscuit and ruby. The jacquards patterns are inspired to Menswear drapery combined with techniques of woven stitches, obtaining very light weights.



The mood proposed by the style office of Pitti Filati suggested a special reinterpretation with the theme "The animaglioni". An exercise of style and research done in handmade knit with special details and techniques, which we have interpreted with a fun spirit and full of fantasy.